Help please- How to get to london and back for new years???

    Hi I'm hoping to travel to London for new years with some mates, whenever I've gone I usually get a one day travel card (so its easy to use for trains and tubes etc) but surely this would run out at midnight?

    sorry I don't know much about the trains etc. so any help would be great thanks!


    London new years is a bad idea. Come back on 01/01/09 and let me know.... was it worth :whistling:

    day travelcards usually run out at 4am I think

    Yes they run out at 4am

    Original Poster Banned

    London at new years is bad? why?

    and 4am? interesting ill have a look thanks

    i have heard that buses/underground is free between about 11pm and 4 am new years! hope this helps! google it as a mate saw this on a website!
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