Help Please - How to pair VisorLite Sun Visor Bluetooth Car Kit

    I lost the instructions for the Visorlite I bought and I'd just sold it to a friend and now he can't get it paired because we don't have the passcode. Can anyone help?


    look on the manuf website for a manual, usually just set in pairing mode and enter 0000 or 1234

    1.from off - press and hold the accept button - green button
    2.while holding the accept button switch on - press and release microphone
    3.when bluetooth indicator turns blinking red/blue, release the accept button.
    The kit is now in pairing mode.
    4.while in pairing mode access phone and search for devices.
    5.when the phone displays list of bluetooth devises select visorlite
    6.when the phone asks for the password enter 0000 and OK.

    there you go - good luck

    Was looking for instructions how to do this since I'd forgotten! Thanks!

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