Help Please!!! HP Wireless Mini laser Mouse

    Ok so I have had a HP wireless laser mouse for 4 months. It had been working fine on my HP laptop for 2 months. Then it stopped working - so i uninstalled and then reinstalled the drivers and it worked fine after that.

    Today it has done the same thing, and I have uninstalled twice now, and it still wont work, altho the computer says its running normal. The battery is brand new, and the light is on on the USB adapter, but moving the mouse doesnt move the cursor.

    The drivers are up-to-date for vista.

    Any help will be appreciated and repped!!!



    I know it's obvious, but have you tried resyncing them by pushing button on USB & bottom of mouse >

    See No 3 : ]http//h1…pdf

    I take it you've updated the drivers etc to the latest version online ?
    ]http//h1…uk& (check it's the right mouse)

    Lastly, trying changing the battery again in case new one was faulty.

    Think it may be knackered otherwise - very technical term ;-)

    Or go back to XP ......... or use a Wired mouse ......:p

    It could also be something silly like the surface your using the mouse on ??


    Also if it's only 4mths old it should still be covered by warranty. Get in touch with HP & they will first send you a troubleshooting email to work through & if that doesn't work will probably replace the mouse.

    I've used them for a faulty HP printer cartridge & they were excellent - replaced it & also sent me an extra complimentary one for my trouble (& they are not cheap - 2 cartridges cost more than your mouse). They seem to take their warranties very seriously :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks all, I will try all these!!

    Original Poster

    nothing worked imon the phone to HP now i want a new one!
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