Help please! Identify sink material and repair advice

    Hi all!

    Managed to drop a heavy bottle of perfume and chip the corner of my sink. Whole damage approx 3cm x 1cm.

    I am thinking its either ceramic or porcelain? I have most of the chipped off bits, but think its better if i just try to start again, I cant really find much info on a repair except the Cramer ceramic kit (£20+) but I think it will be the wrong colour even if i do use that which is no good.

    Many thanks!


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    I would guess you will never get an exact match. Probably best to get the colour as close as you can and just deal with it, or get a new sink.

    it looks like ceramic to me, that kit you mention is for small repairs. i have seen these peoples work
    and they are very good at what they do, but don't think it will be cheap, maybe cheaper to get new basin or
    claim on house insurance, any way hope it helps and good luck

    You can buy a basin for £20-£30, is it really worth bodging it with a repair kit that will likely last a couple of years, and always look crap.

    could be fire clay

    As a person who has worked in ceramics, I really don't think you will be able to repair that extent of damage.

    Must have been some size of bottle. You sure it was perfume and not vodka? I would replace it.

    If you are renting, just fill it in & paint with tile paint. It ain't cheap to get someone to replace a sink.

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    Thanks all, maybe i should try and repair it with the chipped off bits! Should i use superglue then fill and tile paint or just filler? Thanks!

    Tip ex it
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