Help please. Is ok?

    Just about to order a pair of cheap timberlands off them for my friend.
    Has anyone used them before?
    Cheers guys



    RSP: Onlinezh Inc.

    owner-contact: P-STJ354
    owner-organization: Shen Jia
    owner-fname: Shen
    owner-lname: Jia
    owner-street: ShenNan Dong Road, ZhenHua Edifice
    owner-city: ShenZhen
    owner-state: Guangdong
    owner-zip: 518001
    owner-country: CN
    owner-phone: +86.75582299914
    owner-fax: +86.75582299914

    admin-contact: P-STJ354
    admin-organization: Shen Jia
    admin-fname: Shen
    admin-lname: Jia
    admin-street: ShenNan Dong Road, ZhenHua Edifice
    admin-city: ShenZhen
    admin-state: Guangdong
    admin-zip: 518001
    admin-country: CN
    admin-phone: +86.75582299914
    admin-fax: +86.75582299914

    tech-contact: P-STJ354
    tech-organization: Shen Jia
    tech-fname: Shen
    tech-lname: Jia
    tech-street: ShenNan Dong Road, ZhenHua Edifice
    tech-city: ShenZhen
    tech-state: Guangdong
    tech-zip: 518001
    tech-country: CN
    tech-phone: +86.75582299914
    tech-fax: +86.75582299914

    billing-contact: P-STJ354
    billing-organization: Shen Jia
    billing-fname: Shen
    billing-lname: Jia
    billing-street: ShenNan Dong Road, ZhenHua Edifice
    billing-city: ShenZhen
    billing-state: Guangdong
    billing-zip: 518001
    billing-country: CN
    billing-phone: +86.75582299914
    billing-fax: +86.75582299914

    Original Poster

    I guess theyre coming from china then lol.

    Theyre actually for a guy at work.
    He's from Nigeria and i dont think he's TOO bothered if theyre 100% real.
    Do you reckon it'd be ok to still order from them?

    personally speaking - wouldn't touch them - they will most likely be fake - and no guarantee you will ever get them! I'm sure he can pick some up from Nigeria!

    Original Poster

    Yeh i know what you mean. Im also worried about putting my card details in!!!
    He lives in England and wont be going back to Nigeria for a while unfortunately.
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