Posted 16th Jun 2020
RE LAMONA LAM3401 Single Built Under Electric Oven

I have switched the oven spur on. Upon inspection, the unit powers up and no error codes are displayed. The Cooling Fan runs continuously even though there is no heat. The main oven fan is functioning correctly.

After isolating the appliance from the supply and removed from oven housing unit. I dissembled and removed the top and rear thermostats.

Top thermostat is N120 tested with a multimeter for continuity, the result yes for continuity.

Rear thermostat is N130 tested with a multimeter for continuity, the result is yes for continuity.

Are these parts faulty or functioning correctly? Should they read community?

What parts do I need to further test or replace to resolve this issue,

Please see photos attached,

Many Thanks in advance. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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