Help please! Laptop gets power but wont start??

Found 13th Aug 2010
All lights come on as if it's starting, makes a sound like it's booting but then shut's down??? If i leave the power pack plugged in it does it in a cycle then tries again??

Any sugguestions how i can get it up? Screen stays dark. Thanks
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It's a Advent 5302 possibly overheated as it didnt seem to switch off last night. when i came to it today it still sounded like it was on so i restarted then the probem started. will try googling!
powers off before F8 brings anything up :-(
remove battery and mains - hold down on power switch for 30seconds then attach mains (no battery) and turn on again to see if it boots up. if it does let it continue through boot up and then shut down normally before replacing battery.
it still starts up then turns off then restarts. no screen display its literaly 30 second cycle :-(
when you try the F8 option - try tapping the button as soon as you turn the power on. Do you get a menu screen?
or when you press power on - press the F2 button - this should get you into the Bios option - from there you can see if the hard drive is recognised.
No menu. it's only 'on' for about 20 seconds before shutting down again
can you get into the Bios screen?
F2 doesnt work either. i wonder if it is something to do with the hard drive as my laptop has 4 picture lights (it's and advet) the 4th picture is what looks like a stack of discs and a loose one? This lights briefly then turns off before it restarts??? So not techie! lol
how do i do that??
F2 would should hopefully let you get into the bios even with a hard drive failure. Could be the motherboard (the holding down the power with no battery cures the usual advent problem - graphics card). Sorry I can't be of more help. All your info should still be intact on the hard drive - dead easy to remove and buy a little adapter to access it.
Many thanks for your help. As long as i can save my documents i'll be semi happy. x
Hard drive removal - bottom picture to see correct piece to remove…spx?ID={5c59f688-e8ac-43fd-961a-fee1b17a1329}&CatID={9047e59b-fe1f-4fdd-81a9-34bf537fee16}…spx?ID={f2f469ce-d141-44ca-8028-91bbea022816}&CatID={1a907250-27a5-4b05-bec1-c3c547499a79}
sorry - copy the whole address above then go to case & ports
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