Help please LG Cookie

    my son has an lg cookie all of a sudden (yes i know he has probably fiddled with the settings) when he sends a text it says delivery report and i notice he is getting charged 9p everytime this happens (he is on contract) does anyone know how to stop this please ?


    He should be charged .009 of a p not 9p !

    It's in message setting, delivery reports.
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    see i cant see it on there when you go into settings. sorry is it .009


    You can stop it, as the above post says, go into settings, delivery … You can stop it, as the above post says, go into settings, delivery reports, NO.Didn't realise you got charged for that actually. I just thought it was an extra option,lol. Then again I'm on a pretty good contract, so doesn't bother me.What are delivery reports anyway? You're being charged to confirm a text has been sent? What a jip!

    i think it also tells you when the message is read.

    go into messages, then at the bottom of the list settings, then text message and change it to off.

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    pink-ka thank you soooooooo much !


    pink-ka thank you soooooooo much !

    your welcome, glad it worked. ive had a cookie for a while but still not quite got the hang of it lol for some reason it never makes a sound when i get a txt.

    Is the phone on Orange network... As they charge 10p (9p + vat) per delivery report?

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    yes it was on an orange network
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