Help! Please! Looking for a Laptop for around £500


    Looking for a Laptop for around £500

    Need to get rid of my desktop pc and get a laptop due to lack of living space

    Any suggestions for a laptop around 500 pounds would be appreciated.

    Needs to have dvd burner and wifi and 1280 x 800 15 inch screen



    Computer Supplies from Novatech…368


    15.4" WXGA TFT Screen ( 1280 x 800 )
    AMD Sempron Mobile 2800
    512MB PC2700 333MHz DDR RAM
    40GB Hard Drive
    SIS Mirage 2 Integrated Graphics
    DVDR Multi Burner
    56K Internal Modem
    Built-in 10/100 & 54g Wireless LAN

    A friend has this one and it is impressive for the price; the mobile semperon is a fairly decent processor and the screen is better than a lot I've seen at the price.

    No doubt Dell will throw something up so it's worth keeping an eye to the front page for them.

    I've had a lot of good dealings with Novatech so would go with them for most things.

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    thanks for the reply

    had been checking out novatech but was worried if the screen quality was any good.

    Thanks Again!

    Dell Basic package £415 for pretty much same spec as above (not sure how the celeron rates against the AMD though?)…ok1

    That's £415 if you reduce to 90 day rtb and up memory to 512mb )2 x 256mb)

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    do not know how all these processors stack up

    will have a GOOGLE

    thanks for replying!

    Lifted this from a review of a couple of laptops

    Its biggest advantage is the AMD Sempron processor, with PowerNow! technology. While performance will be similar, or even slightly slower than the Celeron M competitors, the big advantage you're going to see here is battery life. This chip has a 25W TDP, higher than the Celeron M's 21W TDP, but the big thing here is PowerNow! The Sempron chip's clock will dynamically fluctuate based on load, just like the Turion 64 and Pentium M. Due to this, users will probably see around 2.5-3 hours of battery life on the reasonable 6 cell battery

    So Celeron processor is more powerful, but you get longer battery with the AMD. However if you're intending this as a replacement home computer i doubt battery life is your no.1 priority.

    Just make sure you don't leave your laptop plugged in all the time else you'll overload the battery.

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    think i may go for this laptop perhaps:-…tml

    better than sempron?

    weve just invested in a dell inspiron 1300, only there basic laptop but upgraded screen and memory and for about 300 got a resonably good laptop with wifi, dvd burner 15.4inch widescreen. pleased with it so far. if you decide to go for dell try there small business site as our laptop was about £70 cheaper on it than there regular site.

    definetly recommend the dell inspiron 1300 ive got one and its great for the price
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