help please my sons xbox 360 is playing up and it's summer hols

need i say more son's got a right one on him xbox 360 was working a few mins ago and now when the disc is in it say's it can't read the disc's any help and advice will be gratefully received


could be the laser thats playing up, might need a clean.

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how do i do that please

you could get a lense cleaning kit, but make sure it is designed for gaming consoles.

if it won't read discs at all anymore you will prob have to send it to be repaired, maybe a new drive. but the lense clean might be a temporary fix measure though.

tell him to get outside and play some footy or some cricket or something

- If its just 1 game, try a different one as its often just a dirty disk.

- Try slowly turning the device upside down and then back to the correct position again as this will help free up any dust issues.

- Leave it off for 15-25 mins make sure its cooled down

- Try a normal cleaning cd.

Yep Lens cleaning kit, get it from Game, about a fiver. :thumbsup:

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thank you everyone rep will be left i will try these now also forgot to mention its making a noise when reading disc

Does it read DVD's (films)?

mine does this every now and again, wouldnt worry about it if it happens rarely, if its all the time then the drive needs to be replaced however you'll be charged by MS if its out of warrenty

Sounds like you need a new dvd rom drive MS charge £80 third party repairs about £50,you do get a further 12 months warranty with MS.I would sell as faulty for spares or repair on ebay,you should get £80 plus and put this towards a new xbox,the later models (since September last year are much better,new Falcon chipset and three heat sinks,the old zephyer chiset has two.)
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