help please - my wireless connection keeps dropping...

    ...except it doesn't. i'm very confused as to what the hecky-thump is going on.

    i switch on the computer and IE/Firefox works fine. If i don't use either of themm for a few minutes, they drop the wireless connection. except i can still update things like avg and tomtom, and the little computer thing in the bottom right hand corner still says signal strength excellent, status connected. so to use IE/Firefox again i have to right click and then "repair".

    it's on my desktop using a usb wifi connection and it has only started happening within the last three days - it has worked for one year with no problems.

    can anybody shed some light as to what is happening here as it is doing my noggin in!!!!!


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    sorry, forgot to say please.

    It might be worth doing a system restore to a point just prior to when you noticed the problem, to see if there has been i glitch in your system. Have you installed any thing in the past few days?

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    not that i'm aware of. i've already tried it - restored back to middle of July - still no luck - cannot figure this out!

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    bump - can any of the day people help with this one please?

    When i've had this when doing PC repairs for folk it's usually been Spyware......or a virus that's been resident on the PC.

    Download and run the free version of Lavasoft's Adaware 2008 (not Adware) and see if it finds anything :…php

    Then Run AVG and select a Full Scan and see if it finds anything ! :thumbsup:

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    When i've had this.......Then Run AVG

    cheers. AVG hasn't picked anything up, but i'll try the other one tonight.
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