Help please need a BBQ gas bottle gauge

    Already have a magnetic gauge which is rubbish, would like one that fits to the BBQ gas bottle and tells you how much gas you have left in your bottle.

    Any one have any ideas, please help me!



    B&Q bottle ?? Don't you mean a Calor bottle? If so then what size ? is it the small turquoise coloured bottle with the 2 large grey handles? If it is then you need to do a search for a 21mm regulator with gauge. Some gas suppliers may have one. Try Calor direct to locate one

    The best way to know how much gas is left is to weigh the bottle, the tare weight of the bottle should be printed on the neck somewhere, then just deduct from the gross weight giving you the gas content. When full i think they are 6kg (gas)

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your help.
    Its a blue regular Barbeque gas bottle, yes calor i think, sorry not sure what type any ideas from my vauge description.



    If its a Calor BBQ bottle then it is a 21mm clip on type regulator
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