help please re usb modem

    hey guys bought a usb modem from 02 today special offer 15pound instead of 30pound now we are trying to load my mums new laptop up but cannot find 02 on the wireless option i have purchased the usb with credit on havent i and not just paid 15pound for a stick


    Stick the usb in - install the software - wait for the software to load - click connect

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    thanks deathtrap3000 we haave just got a message saying the instulation has failed so we trying it again

    i think you may have to ring to make it active


    i think you may have to ring to make it active

    You dont need to ring to activate

    Notice you asked though if you have paid £15 for a stick? The £15 was for the modem. You do have to add some credit to use it :roll:
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