Help please - Telephone or BT Engineers wiring problems

Found 9th Aug 2017
Hi Everyone
Moved into a new home with BT Broadband.
Having a nightmare with the broadband being slow or running quite well. Speeds between 0.3Mbps and 11.4Mbps. Upload rate never rises above 0.8Mbps.
BT are warning of a £130 charge if an engineer come out and finds a problem with wiring within the house.
So anyone know how the master box should be wired? As I understand we have the newer socket with built-in filter.
There are two tiny wires one orange & one white going into sockets B & A on the openreach side of the socket.
Is this correct? Is there anything else that I can check?
Thanking you in anticipation
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I would have thought the master socket wiring isn't your concern. You need to find out if the fault is your side of the master socket or Openreach side.

Can you take the faceplate off and connect the broadband directly into the socket?

Hopefully…06/ will help you decide if it is your fault or theirs.

Here also…=bt
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My Mother had this with BT - all suggestions that there was nothing wrong with the line and they would charge for an engineer to visit. We told them there was a fault and that they needed to visit - we were ready for an arguement!

As soon as my mother opened the door to the engineer I said I think I can see the problem - the cable from the pole to the house was sagging (it must have been 40 years old) and he advised it looked stretched. On replacing problem solved!

Agree with windym - you are not responsible for the wiring of the master socket, BT are. As long as you are having problems when the router is fitted to the master socket call them out as it is a fault on their side!
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