help please, thinking about selling my laptop, dont know how much its worth

    Hi all
    I have a sony vaio laptop that im thinking of selling, would like to know how much it's worth.
    vaio VGN-FS315E
    intel celeron M processor
    memory upgraded to 2gb
    80gb hard disk
    15'4" WXGA X-black LCD - amazing screen!
    windows xp
    i bought this new 2 and a half years ago. - it's a great laptop I absolutely love it but I just dont use it anymore.
    Battery life is of course not what it used to be approx 40mins. - otherwise its in v nice cond. with microsoft office on it.
    so what do you think it's worth?


    I would estimate at about £150 - £200

    This is higher than usual as it is a Vaio and some people like to think this makes it better.

    New laptops with much higher specs and still with warranty can be had for £300 - £350.

    I would say about 150 + buyer pays delivery

    I would suggest comparing sony vaios on ebay with your own.

    Took a quick look and couldnt see your particular one, but plenty of others. Compare the specs and make a decision based on that.

    The laptops not worth anything imo, just send it to me and I'll dispose of it!:thumbsup:

    Would suggest you read ]THIS THREAD. I made it, and had a lot of advise on how to clear the hard drive to make sure no details can be taken from it.

    This laptop is about £300 new today for similar specs. As it has 50% of its life in use then expect £150. Then further adjustments have to be made. A laptop asset is usually depreciated in 3 years and most users would consider a laptop old after 3 years. There is no 12 mth warranty so it is another £30-50 off. Usually you get free delivery with a new machine. The battery after a couple of years is virtually at the end of its life as it can do 300 - 500 cycles of charge only. Expect to pay up to £50 for a new battery. On top of this 80GB is too small as the standard nowadays is 160GB. This may be frustrating for some users as they need to either attach an external 2.5" USB drive which is £40 plus or upgrade the 80GB to 160 GB. After 2 - 3 years of use the tube would be between 10 - 20% less bright than before. Depending on handling in the past some hard disks develop data errors on the disk but this is an unpredictable element. So expect to depart with your machine for no more than £100 overall but you may be lucky with some people who retain old prices in their heads and think this is a bargain at £100+. The fluorescent tube for the screen has a limited lifespan for brightness.

    Original Poster

    thank you all.

    Original Poster

    it would be a definite bargain for £150
    worth keeping I think
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