HELP PLEASE, Travel from Paris to Amsterdam

    Anyone got any idea the cheapest way to travel from Paris to Amsterdam.

    3 of us flying to pairs on the 25th and need to get to Amsterdam for the Scotland game.

    Paris >> Amsterdam 25th march
    Amserdam> Paris 1st April

    Anything would be greatly appreciated.




    Train seems to be 186gbp single for three people, then 100gbp for the return journey.

    Skyscanner doesn't sem to have any flights showing - odd, it only wants to show me in-direct flights through the uk.
    could also try eurolines coaches

    I think the cheapest way would most likely be by coach - try [url][/url]

    You may also find some good deals by plane (the fastest way) - I believe Air France / KLM have loads of flights between the two cities every day.

    Finally you can also try the Thalys high speed train ([url][/url]), whcih I think takes about four hours or so. I dont know how good a deal this is though compared to flying. There may also be cheaper trains available if they are not high speed.

    you can fly on the 25th to amsterdam via liverpool, with easyjet 38.74 each single

    Oh and have you thought of hiring a car in Paris?? If you are three people and need to go back to Paris eventually, that may end up being a better deal (+ you might have use for the car while in Amsterdam)... I dont know how much this is likely to cost but I would have thought 30 euros / day max

    KLM is coming up at around 776euro return for three people - ouch

    Original Poster

    Hi thanks for the replies,

    i tried eurolines but nothing from paris to amsterdam.

    Flights were another option from aberdeen liverpool or london but since we booked our flights from prestwick to paris for £2.50 we just decided to make it a kinda road trip.

    just been on the phone with eurostar and £100 each return seems to be the cheapest so far.

    Checked with air france and its 4 flights to go from just paris to amsterdam lol and comesout at close to 600 euros.

    will keep checking other ideas.

    3 of us are sutdents so was looking for some sort of student deal but didnt come across any

    Hey I just checked [url][/url] and a return ticket came out a €35 per person. As far as I could see the dates you had in mind were available. I dont think you are going to find anything cheaper than this!

    Go on the SNCF website. You should get a return relatively cheaply. Doesnt actually take that long neither.
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