Help please! Trying to find a deal...

    There was a deal posted recently for football mugs. Think it was a 2 for £8 offer or similar.......Personalised with team, name and number. I have tried advanced search and am still unable to find it.
    I would really appreciate it if someone could help.



    It was lucerysmum who posted it, have a look on there

    the website is called personalised football.the cups were 2 for 9.95

    it was expired as not a valid offer company refused to accept more than one voucher code i believe

    Original Poster

    Ah, that;s why then! Thank you all.

    I ordered these but it wasn't honoured as i used 2 codes. I recieved an email saying if i still wanted it pay the extra or email them for a refund, but either way you have to get in touch with them. Im guessing if you dont respond to the email you dont get your money back or your order.
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