HELP PLEASE trying to use an SD card slot after reinstalling Windows XP

    Hi guys, need some help please. I have a memory card slot on my computer and I recently formatted the hard drive and reinstalled windows and now when I go into the C drive the SD card slot doesn´t show up and when I put a card in the slot it wont register. The operating system I reinstalled was windows XP home but I had to use the disc that came with my previous computer as the current computer didn't come with windows on disc. How can I get the system to read memory cards from the slot again? Would I need to install some drivers?? Or update XP with service packs? Or possibly find a more up to date version of windows?

    Will leave rep for all advice given. Ta.


    sd cards are an ass!

    You've not mentioned what make or model the machine is - my first choice would be to look for drivers, most card readers don't need them but there are some that do. Check in device manager to see if it's been picked up, you should see an Unknown Device or something else with a yellow exclamation mark against it.


    Did you instal the various drivers for the mothetboard ?

    After a Windows install most motherboards require the installation of half a dozen (or so) drivers before various components on the motherboard "come alive".

    While Windows supplies some basic drivers (just enough to get the graphics and sound working) you usually need to install specific drivers for the motherboard.

    if you used an old disk to install xp then you might find it was pre-service pack1 or 2. a lot of drivers incl usb2 weren't in the original xp. try putting sp2 or 3 on it

    Is it a branded machine? If so Drivers should be available from the manufacturers website.

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    thanks guys, its an emachine, managed to find the drivers online, all sorted now. :thumbsup:

    Excellent - burn the drivers to CD or something and put in a safe place just in case you need them in future, saves you hunting around for them.

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