HELP PLEASE - WANTED - LCD/HD TV, Microwave and Hi-fi/Stereo/CD Player

Found 8th Nov 2008
Sorry about this type of request but I've searched high and low through thi site and the net in general but can't seem to find a bargain. Due to an impending house move (due to release from the Royal Navy after 22 years service) I need to get hold of some bits.

Can anybody help me please find some good deals on the following items:

LCD/HD TV - up to GBP 500 to spend or there abouts on the best there is available out there at this price, the bigger screen the better.

Microwave - nothing special. Just a run of the mill bog standard type one which is cheap as chips hopefully.

Hi-fi/Stereo/CD Player - ours has busted on us and I would like to buy a system which does all the basics. Doesn't have to be a good make, as long as it plays CDs and has half decent speakers.

2nd hand considered for anyone wishing to offload old gear surplus to their requirements. Can pick up from the Hull/East Yorkshire area.

Thank you in anticipation to anyone who can help me and my family out during this stress laden time.

BTW, God bless all to those who serve(d) or know/knew a relative/someone in our Armed Forces during this the Rememberance weekend. They shall never be forgotten.
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hotukdeals.com/ite…er/ or hotukdeals.com/ite…ed- There seems to be quite a few on here at the moment.
For a microwave just pop to Asda or Tesco if you just want a basic one. They are cheap in there
:roll:i ordered this one today thought it was a good price for a combi also got a set of pots and used the £30 zg430 getting both for £53.95 delivered
Toshiba 37 inch AV555DB or xV555DB - coming down in price, can be bought for £404 and £514 - apparently it's a very good tv with the new version RV555DB released November
Hi, Digger-son just left the navy this year-i dont know if you will have a job but he didnt and got most things he needed from i think the british legion? they told him to choose from the argos catalogue-probably doesnt apply to you but just saying incase you qualify..
Bought the Sony Bravia 40' LCD TV with 5% off with Quidco.

Thank you to lucerysmum for the steer and to everyone else for replying to my request.
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