Help Please - Washing Machine prob

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Found 7th Nov 2010
Morning All,

Can you help?

My washing machine packed up last night and I need a new one.

But the cycle was running and the door is locked!!!

Any way to open it easily or do I need a crow bar!!!

Thanks in advance.


Check the manual,there is normally a emergency release thing somewhere or drain the water out...
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mine used to do that, hubby used to have to tip it up to drain the water out of the back, then the door would release

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Thanks, its a Servis, anyone know where the release is?

As advised earlier; take out drain pipe and let machine empty, it will then open. There is no emergency switch

Emergency switch is normally under the filter is on mine,but its a hotppint


Washing machines live longer with Calgon.

Should have used calgon brah. Calgon is the future.

If the door is locked there may still be water inside. Try cleaning out the filter on the machine & check the outlet pipe is not blocked. If this is the cause your washing machine may be ok...

What's wrong with the machine, could it be easier to try and get it going to finish the cycle?

yeah - you got it.. defo need a crow bar..
don't waste your time with these sensible suggestions. get in the and crowbar the door open oO

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Hi, thanks again, am doing all I can to drain!

Think the control board blown.

Just stopped and blew the fuse box.

just drain the water from the front of the machine there will be a little hose next to a 2 inch knob on the front at the bottom ( it may be behind a little flap door or plastic front cover remove) take end of and drain if there is no hose to drain from you'll have to do it manually you'll need something slim like a baking tray or move machine to back door twist knob and drain there will be a lot of water towels and mop essential as soon as the water is drained look inside the 2inch drain plug (turn power off) see if there is anything blocking it if there is remove put knob back in and try a rinse and spin if the water pumps out job done if not repeat first steps to drain again

screwdriver to jar it open, if you're gonna get rid.if the machine is not to old, its probably the pcb control board thats gone, you can get it repaired on ebay for £50 if you're a diyer
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