HELP PLEASE: which one ??? :S

    as u know i am learning when it comes to comps... so which DSL router is the better deal:

    see post 2:


    The tesco one doesnt really show any in depth detail at all although they both look pretty much the same, whereas the ebuyer product shows it to be quite reliable and robust and has full marks on the number of reviews so far so I'd tend to go for that the eBuyer one. Cheers.

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    thanks steven for analysis. x

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    bump anyone??

    I personally would buy from Ebuyer regardless! their customer service is 5* and if it develops a fault they arrange for collection and refund or replace without any issues!

    But which ever you go for they are good as they are draft -n. I currently have the following router and would rate it as one of the best! slightly expensive but it is the highlight of my sitting room. When I have visitors they will not praise my sony bravia tv but will be more amased with this and I have already got 2 of my mates to buy it! very good. If you are interested I can provide you with more info and details:…749


    I am going to get a bit technical here, but stick with me.

    The current standard for wi fi in computers is the "G" standard. This is why a lot of routers have a "G" in their name. The standard is called 802.11g.

    The industry is curently working on the NEXT standard which is to be called "N". This will have a better range than the "G" standard. This standard is called 802.11n.

    The "N" standard is NOT finalised yet and could still change before it is finalised.

    But this has not stopped some companies releasing routers that use the "N" standard, even though the "N" standard is not final.

    Both the routers you point to in your first append are "N" routers. In fact if you look at the bottom of the router from ebuyer it says IEEE 802.11n (draft)

    Note the "draft", so it could change.

    The danger is if you buy a N router it MAY not work when the N standard becomes finalised.

    To be on the safe side I would go for a G router

    The other problem is that if the wi fi in your laptop is a "G" model (and it probably is) then you will not get any benefit by buying an N router as it will only work at the G level.

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    thanks zish and guilbert....

    guilbert u r really clued up hey.... how do u know so much?!?!

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    ps was gonna go n for a better connection...

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    how do i check if my laptop is G / N enabled....


    This one works pretty well and is cheaper that the ones you have linked:…900

    You can find it on ebay too for a similar price.

    Hope it helps


    how do i check if my laptop is G / N enabled....

    What laptop do you have?

    I have been using a D-link dir-615 for about a year now with no problems. We have 2 802.11n(draft) and a 802.11g laptop and a ps3 and all have better connection speed and range. Paid £90 for mine but are now £40 at amazon.

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    so gavin having an n over the g did make a difference even though ur laptop is a g?


    so gavin having an n over the g did make a difference even though ur … so gavin having an n over the g did make a difference even though ur laptop is a g?

    Yes the range is extended on g but not the speed, but the speed is increased on n.
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