help please wireless connection problems

    Help please, my laptop is fine as wireless but my sons new one was working fine wireless, next to mine up to an hour ago. The Wireless network status says connected to sky and signal strength is 4/5. But under choose wireless connection, no networks are found in range and i cannot connect to the internet?

    Am I doing something silly, many thanks for your help guys, Els


    Have you disabled the wireless function on your laptop by accident? Thats what it sounds like to me! but I might be totally wrong, my mum does it all the time, it's a simple mistake to make, her button is on the side of her laptop but it's different for many machines.

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    You are probably right , my son has an inspiron 1501 any ideas pls anyone where the button is please?

    try on the front like mine

    Try pressing your function button with F2, look at the top of your keys for a wireless symbol? sorry don't know the model but if you have looked around the outside of your laptop and there is nothing there it probably will be 'function' key and an F key on top row of your keyboard. Hope that helps. xx

    my laptop is stupid! it will connect in any other room but the room that has the wireless router in,its fine if i connect it in another room and then bring it into the room with the router but if i try and connect in this room it tells me there are no routers in range,how dumb is that?! lol
    Well it is pink

    Did you solve this problem, out of interest?
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