Help Please with a Panasonic DVD Home Theater Sound System SA-HT900

Found 12th Nov 2008
Hello all, this is only my 2nd post, so i hope im doing it right.
When i put a dvd in my surround sound, it jumps from letterbox mode to full screen every time there is a screen change.
It doesnt do it all all DVD's, just some of them, and they are all proper DVD's not pirate, and it doesnt matter what disc number it goes in 1-5, it still does it.
Alough it doesnt worry the kids, it bugs the hell out of me!
Thanks in advance, rep will be added to all helpers.
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I have a Panasonic DVD player, but my instruction manual is at home, so I can't be too specific.

The problem is to do with the display being set to automatically select the screen display - we notrmally have ours switching from panoramic to 16:9. Have a look at the manual to see how to select the display manually.

Ours is set on the TV (we also have a Panasonic TV), so you may want to try there first.
Thank you so much,:thumbsup: i will try and have a fiddle with the remotes, im not very good on that sort of thing.
I dont think we have the manuel any more, its about 5 years old, but we have hardly used it.
Do you have a Panasonic TV? If so, when I get home tonight I will read up the manuals for my TV & DVD player - although the models are different the setup stuff should be similar enough. I'll pm you the results.
no, we have a samsung tv x
PM sent:thumbsup:
check tv setting on the aspect or ratio button , switch it from auto to 16:9, then try it and see. do it after dvd starts justin case dvd switches to auto by itself
I've noticed a few of my older DVD's have serious issues on my widescreen LCD tv and has me suspicious that they were less strict with the quality in the past.

So far 48hrs, Midnight Run and a couple of older classics have refused to be in the correct aspect until did a bodge job with some settings and zoom functions.
Thank you all so much for your help :thumbsup:
Hope all the advice works.
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