Help Please with a PS3 problem

    Hi just hoping someone might be able to enlighten me with what is wrong with my PS3
    when i turn it on it loads up with the ps3 logo then when i put a game in it goes to load it but nothing appears :-(
    Can anyone tell me what they think might be wrong with it before i end up chucking it!
    many thanks Lisa


    Could be the disc reading sensor has gone. Can you actually get to the start menu without loading a game and use the internet browser, iplayer or anything?

    Edit also try putting a DVD and see if that works.

    Had the same problem, was convinced it was a laser issue but I didn't have my controller so I couldn't check for ages. Eventually got it back and I did a full system format, that did the trick. Make sure you back up your data first though, and if that doesn't work try rebuilding the file system/data base using the recovery menu, instructions here:…801
    It could turn out to be the laser in the end though, sony wanted £138 for a refurbished model when I phoned which is a joke really.

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    Thanks for cant get nothing up and tried DVD also nothing again...i was thinking could be laser it not worth getting it fixed then if it is? or should i just invest in another one?

    Thanks for link Taz will try that out:thumbsup:

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    Thanks soooooooo much Taz for that link ive now got it working again :-)
    your a star x
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