Help please with buying a Nintendo Ds Lite

    buying for my daughter who will be 6 ... dont know whether to go for a pre-owned one or a new one when i say pre-owned i mean one from somewhere like gamestation or game that comes with a guarantee or buy a new one. i was looking for a ds lite on its own not as a package but couldnt find any, as you can tell i dont know anthing about these lol any help would be appreciated, thank you.


    so are u looking for a ds lite on its own and not bothered about whether its pre owned? or are u asking whether a pre owned is a sound investement?

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    basically i want a ds lite for my daughter didnt know whether to buy it pre owned or should buy it new ? not bought anything pre owned before

    I was in Game last week, in Bristol and the pre-owned DS Lites in there were £69 without any games. I ended up buying one on ebay for £63 altogether, so it's just down to whether you want to shell out a little extra and get one from a store with a bit of a guarantee on it.

    You don't have to spend too much more than that to get it bundled with a couple of games and/or accessories. I also bought a pink DS Lite for Ms Meandog from ebay, which was immaculate, even the packaging - and it came with a pink carry case, accessories and a game for about £80.... so it just depends what you want really.


    Had a quick scout about the net and found this which may be worth thinking about...…ck/

    niceish price and comes with a few accessories as spare pens and screen proctectors are good to have about when a 6 year old is concerned. The game appears to be quite nice for little ones as well.
    I would be very careful as to what games you get her. My nephew got a DS when he was about 5 and some of the games may have had a 3+ certificate but think that is for content and not ability to play the game as some of them involved alot of text for a little one (my sims) and some Disney games (Ratatouie) needed very fast button presses which little hands just couldnt cope with.

    As far as the Preowned idea goes it appears to be a good one. It may be worth looking for an accidental cover if they offer it as sometimes the flip part of the screens can get loose (again little ones).

    They have recently released a slightly different version of the DS which has a little camera on it and think it can do a couple of fancy things online but am 99.9% sure the games are not effected at this time and games will continue to work if you go for the pre owned offer.

    If you need a game for her I would suggest any of the Lego games (star wars, batman, indiana jones). The themes may not be to the exact liking of a 6 year old girl but they are great for young kids and keep them amused.


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    thanks everyone help appreciated.

    Nintendo DS Lite Pink Console + Nintendogs Labrador & Friends £89.99…tml


    Nintendo DS Lite Pink Console + Nintendogs Labrador & Friends £89.99 … Nintendo DS Lite Pink Console + Nintendogs Labrador & Friends £89.99

    although I hate with vast vengence I must admit thats the best offer. That dog game will have her happy.

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    thats a good buy from play thank you.


    thats a good buy from play thank you.

    Not sure but I think there is a 5% off voucher for Play somewhere. :thumbsup:

    Edit. found…c-/

    I'd stick to buying a new one personally.

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    yeah will buy a new one i have decided prob from play
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