Help please with hdmi cable.

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Found 7th Aug 2009
Hi we have a full hd Plasma tv which was fitted on my wall in living room,we had 2 hdmi cables installed inside the wall of our new build property so we dont have to damage walls ect. Anyway one of the cables has snapped on the end we cant repair so only have 1 hdmi cable working we have sky HD and a blue-ray player and now we have to keep changing cables to watch one or the other. Does anyone know if you can get a box so i can plug in the hdmi cable that works and then plug in a new cable so we can have 2 cables running off one output cable. Sorry if this sounds daft but we dont want to damage walls by putting in new cable. Thanks for any advice.

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you can buy a HDMI switcher, think there was a deal for one earlier today. You plug all your hdmi cables in and can switch from one to the other

btw, dont feel silly, as i did the exact same thing i snapped off a hdmi cable - although mine were put behind the wall so cant get it out now!

There was a deal 2 hdmi into 1 hdmi on here few months ago, will try and find it

As with the nature of HD, this is impossible. Im sure in the future things like this will be developed, but as of yet they arnt on the market for the use you are looking for.

Best bet is to just buy a new cable, and run it through the same path, wall damage can be kept to a minimum really - Any small damage can be filled with normal wall filler. I feel your pain tho.

Best of look, Bigpoppaad

Edit: Of course u can use the switcher, but not a dual one if u get what i mean.

probably not too much help, but maybe useful info for future, I have one HDMI (10Metre) cable running from my amp, and all my HDMI connections go through my amp, BD player, Xbox, Sky HD, and PS3.

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Hi all thanks for your help i just managed to get a hdmi 3 way splitter from ebay for £3.61 delivered will give it a try and see what happens. Again thank you all for your advice.

a splitter sends signal from one source to two displays ie blu-ray to plasma and a projector. You need a switch as previously stated. Personally I used this one on my old tv…uct

Might be worth looking at dealextreme for something like this, will take a while to arrive but will probably save you a few pound.
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