help please with phone

    i had a nokia n95 broke it they offered me a few changes i took the lg viewty should i have kept the n95 or is the viewty better

    the question is which is better the n95 or viewty

    thank you all


    i have viewty and it is the best phone i have ever had i cant comment on the n95 as i have never used one but in my eyes nothing beats the viewty its a beaut ( in the words of steve urwin )

    i like the n95 better as i have always been a fan of nokias - a lot of people say they have problems with them - mine had a slight problem once which was fixed within 2 minutes of reading something on the internet

    ps i am on 3 aswell

    N95 all the way. had the first one, and noe the 8GB. Faultless.

    N95 by FAR!!! I have the N95 and now have 8GB version. BOTH AMAZING>!

    Loving the camera and vid cam on the viewty superb quality better than my camcorder!!!!

    PS3 or 360 :roll:

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    thank for your help it comes in 1 to 3 days ile let you now if i like it if not i will sell it and get the iphone

    i like viewty better because the n95 had a rubbish battery used to get through 2 a day !!!
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