help please... with psp memory stick.

    help please... with psp memory stick.

    ok just got a psp need a memory stick,…tml that looks great from play, but i really want one tmrw.…S13…EAC

    which one is it from these 2 CEX links, i assume its the second link, but would the 1st link do just as good a job.

    sorry really am a novice,

    Many thanks in advance


    Hi there,

    It's the last link that works with the psp but you could buy a brand new one for less than that but it doesn't state if it's the normal speed version or the highspeed.

    The price is very competitive but it's slower speed version, if you do buy the highspeed version from Ebay, be warned that they're all fake and nearly everyone is selling the normal version in highspeed packaging because the difference in price would be the difference of making a loss or a profit.

    If you don't care about speed though, then that's fine but the first CEX link is for a different type of card for smaller devices.

    I highly recommend the memory stick for 17.99, don't know about this highspeed business, but it loads my music instantly, don't have any problems with it. But you only need it if you're planning on putting music/pictures/videos etc onto your psp. For gamesaves a 32meg card would do the trick just fine, and would be cheaper as well.

    when you get a memo stick first thing to do is check the info on your psp when youve inserted it, it should say magicgate - supported , if its fake it'll say magicgate-unknown.

    also the sandisk 2 gig is £15 from play and theres no difference speedwise between them

    Original Poster

    Hi thanks everyone,

    Really wanted to go out and oick one up today thats why i was tempted by the CEX price, even though its more expensive,
    i will have a little bit more of a look round,
    still confused by all this lol.

    if youve got any questions just tell us and i might be able to help you

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    ok well basically, just got a psp that running 3.40 firmware,

    the seller sent me a cd with some games on so now i assume i obviously need a mempory srtick so that i can save the games on the stick and then play the on my psp,
    just wanted to know what size and what stick was best


    I would recommend a 2 or 4gb Memory stick pro duo(should be plenty of space), the highspeed version is exactly the same but will help transfer the files a bit quicker and considering you've got a whole CD worth of games to transfer, it could be worth the extra couple pounds.

    Hope that helps.

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    yes it helps indeed, thanks, just been looking on ebay and found this one 200173838892
    what does everyone think? is it likely to be a fake? or should i just play safe and get one from play?

    Usually fakes for that price. I got a fake one from ebay for a similar price. It is very slow to put games etc on it. Now getting a pucca SONY one from Play.

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    kl, thanks for your advice, think ill just order one from play to be on the safe side,

    ok....2 GB or 4GB what will i need?


    kl, thanks for your advice, think ill just order one from play to be on … kl, thanks for your advice, think ill just order one from play to be on the safe side,ok....2 GB or 4GB what will i need?

    Go for a 4GB. Tekken etc are large ISO/CSO (I think 600mb or so). Some games are small and only take up 16mb. I like to put as many games on as I can.

    I remember about a year ago when I got a supercard for the DS. I got a 1gig SD card and it was soon full. Now it has a 2gig card and that is full.

    Like I said earlier, all Memory Sticks on Ebay are fake, when I used to sell them, I used to have companies offering me different levels of quality for fake products, e.g higher fault rates and slow version packaged as the high speed version and the profit was so low on Ebay after it became overfluctuated, it became unprofitable to sell the highest quality versions.

    I stopped selling them after all the suppliers were telling me hardly anyone orders the higher quality versions that I used to buy because it's too expensive but they were also sick of the amount of complaints, which had upto 10% fault rate.

    My gf also bought 2 SD cards on Ebay and Amazon Marketplace (one 2gb and one 4gb for herself and her son) and within a month, both of them stopped working and when he contacted the sellers, both of them stated to send the products back to china directly for a replacement, even though they promised it was UK stock and genuine.

    I actually checked out some memory products on Ebay the other day and I found it funny how in one paragraph the seller was trying to state that he's one of the few sellers that sell genuine products in this category and then in the next paragraph, he stated the products are shipped directly from there suppliers in China....... The fakes capital of the world and he could hardly spell. :giggle:

    This is why Ebay has gone down the pan, so I wouldn't recommend buying any products like this anymore over Ebay, no matter how attractive the prices are, it's not worth the hassle, as people always try and cut corners and lie about everything inorder to push a sale through. :x

    Go for a reputable store, that will sell it for a little more but you know the quality will be there and it will be the original.

    Hope that helps again and remember to buy the biggest card you're willing to stretch to, unless you don't mind deleting games from the card and then uploading them again from the cd.

    like everyone said ill think its better off to get a 4gig memor card as theyre about the same price as one game and alsu it will allow you to have at least 3-4 games on it as some games are around 1.7gig. at the moment got the best price on them as im ordering my 4 gig from there

    4gb's better than you can put music and photos on it! not sure why you'd wanna put pictures on it but people do!

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    thanks everyone, gonna get 4GB from play then
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