help please with Sony mini system

    Well i got this sony mini system HCD M700, but i am having problems getting audio on it, it has a capabilit to play dvds via an av cable red white yellow, so i haave tried to play a dvd and cd which plays on screen (ie picture) but no sound, yet if i play a tape or listen to the radio the sound comes through the speakers

    there is a huge remote and i have tried pressing every button but with no joy

    is there anybody out there that can help????

    Have already tried google but just directs me to sites to buy user manuals


    cant seem to find this model anywhere, are you sure its the right model number. only thing i can assume is that the cables are in wrong or not connected properly or maybe there is a mute button?

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    it seems to masquerade under several names also cmt 700, the thing is i managed to get it to work age s ago and now its frustrating that i cant, but thanks for helping so far

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    anyone know the answer
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