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    Dear members,

    I thought I found a good company to send a package from UK to Slovakia.

    WPS European Express, Estimated Delivery Time: 3-5 days.
    Parcel was collected 05/01/2009
    I purchased an extra insurance for £ 10 + VAT and it covers up to £ 500.

    Well, they never provided tracking number to the sender or recipient. 12.01. @ 9 am I asked them, where is my parcel, they asked ( 3 minutes later ) me for the invoice and consigment number. Well I sent them the invoice number later on and from that time they did not reply to my emails at all! I sent 3 mails and no reply at all. So I called them today at 10 am and they said, that there is no tracking number for the parcel, they can't find it and they will get back to me this afternoon. I sent them mail at 4 PM, to make sure, that they will not forget about me. And guess what, no reply again from them!

    I am getting really desperate about that now, it suppose to be gift for my brother and I even insured that parcel and they just ignore me. What a customer service! Can you tell me, what would you do in this case? Are they any forums, where I can get a help or who to contact to solve my problem? All I have is the invoice in my mailbox.

    Thanks a lot for your help.


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    No one with an advice, what should I do? :-(

    im guessing there are no phone numbers available? i cant understand how you let it go without a tracking number...

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    I wasn't there at the collection of the parcel, but anyway, I thought that they will send the tracking number afterwards in email...

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    Well, there is one phone number to call, I did that, they said, they will send me mail today afternoon, so I was waiting... It is no point to call them at the moment. I want to find out, what are my rights, what should I tell them tomorrow?

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    So there is nothing what I can do, just wait till the parcel will arrive or say goodbye to it? :-( I can't believe this, that I can't force them somehow to start to do something with my parcel!

    they have provided a service, as long as the invoice shows you have insurance against said parcel, having a tracking number is irrelevant... i would have though:thinking:
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