Help please! Xbox 360?

    Hi, it's my sons birthday next month and the only thing i know he's said he wants (in the last couple of months), is an xbox360.
    Now i know there's lots different ones but i think the elite? is the best one.
    What sort of price would be good?
    Ive had a look on a few sites but theres so many different ones, im all confused lol.
    Anybody know of any good deals and what is the minimum he would need to get started.

    It's actually his 17th birthday so i was thinking of applying for his provisional driving license for him and getting him a couple of lessons but im then worried he wont be able to afford to keep them up.
    Any other ideas?

    Cheers in advance.



    You are correct the Elite is the best.
    Here is a link that should explain difference in the different types:…els

    Have a look around here for deals.

    If you do get one, I'd presonally go for the premium, try and avoid the arcade as it doesn't come with a hard disk. If you want to break the bank you could go for the elite but not much difference from the premium apart from the 120gb hard disk and being black.

    Driving lessons could be a better shout if you taxi him about from time to time. But then there's getting a car, tax, mot.......get him a push bike!!

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    Thanks for that, rep given.

    Anybody know of any deals for the xbox 360 premium???

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    Thanks you
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