HELP: Plumbers & those who recently have had work done to their bathrooms

Found 16th Feb 2011
Getting a brand spanking new bathroom fitted. New tiles (floor and walls), new suite, accessories etc.

Ive been ok understanding and getting most things, but am struggling with taps, waste and shower rail.

With taps, i dont know what the industry standard is, but my basin is 50mm in diameter and theres taps on the market which are bigger and some that are smaller. Does that mean i can go for the smaller ones and not the bigger ones or can i only go for the 50mm ones?

Also it then mentions with taps that they recommend a certain amount of water bar, how am i meant to know how powerful my water flow is (vailiant combi boiler). Also, i got a "dedicated" click waste with my basin, but the lady said i may need an adapter to connect the overflow with the waste. Where can i get these from and any pics of what im supposed to be looking out for?

Do the taps need to be grounded for the sink & bath? (I went for a acrylic bath after weighing up the pros and cons)

Lastly, and this is annoying me the most, i have bought a 1700mm x 700 mm bath, but all of the L shaped shower rails im coming across are allot larger, like the width for example on all of them are 900mm, 20 cm more then what i want (my bathroom is small). Am i missing something or are they supposed to be cut down to size?

Any useful/practical advice/recommendations/sites would be appreciated. The bathroom theme is black/silver/chrome.
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shower rails can usually be cut down

taps / pipes need earthing

I guess you need to buy a pressure gauge to measure pressure
Your plumber should be able to advise you on most of this.

Your plumber should be able to advise you on most of this.

methinks its a DIY job......

methinks its a DIY job......

Oh dear.:(
Hi guys thanks for all the info, its not a DIY job, we have got someone in to fit it all, but they are not specialised plumbers, more of a general builder kind.

I found out that the shower rails can be cut, which is good. Im still struggling with finding a basin waste pack that has the 'adapter' or 'connector' to the waste pipe, all i can find is the plug hole waste for basins. The bath waste comes with the overflow attached to the same pipe.

The earthing has me quite worried, as i can clearly see a green/yellow wire attached to the copper pipes from the floorboards for both the bath and the sink but when i spoke to the guy about it, he had a blank expression on his face, like he didnt know what i was talking about and just told me not to worry and that modern baths dont need it, but he will 'do it if i want'. Anyone know if its as simple and having part of the wire touching the metal part of the taps and the other side of the cable wrapped about the copper pipe (coming from the floorboards)? Im considering calling in a dedicated plumber after these guys leave to ensure that its done and done properly.

On a side note, it bloody costs allot to have the whole bathroom installed. Bath Tap £100 + Shower rails £80, Basin unit £400, towel rail £26 etc, not to mention tiling, labour, inconvenience of not having the bath/sink/toilet for a few days. Anyone else considering it just be aware that the costs do end up exceeding what you anticipate.
I would strongly advise you to get a proper plumber to install the plumbing, a builder will not usually be capable of installing a bathroom suite properly.

The earth bonding only requires re-installing correctly to the pipes, if it is removed for any reason.
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