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HELP PLZ! PayForIt £4.50 weekly charge on my mobile phone bill

Posted 13th Jan 2017
Hi, let me start the story by telling you i have never subscribed to any mobile service.

A couple of weeks ago I received a text advising I have subscribed to a service and its going to charge my bill £4.50 a week. I was busy with Xmas stuff at the time and as I'm certain this had to be a mistake I ignored the text, I received an identical text a week later and when I got this one I logged into my 3 account and there are two charges of £4.50 sitting on my current bill.

Has anyone heard of this scam before and if so any advice will be helpful, thanks guys.
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You been looking at naked girls by any chance
if u on pay as u go change sim if not don't no wot u can do

if u on pay as u go change sim if not don't no wot u can do

Can we have this in English?
There is a possibility that you may have clicked on a link (web) via the phone browser OR a similar link on the web and your details (fone number) was on there. This company have a habit of doing this and you are certainly not the first.....

It s generally under a name of "txtnation"

Its a third party .....

What provider are you with? As we may be able to get you through to the correct Dept to stop these 3rd party charges. Getting it back though could be tricky - or should I say cumbersome, as if often involves more effort than the sums involved.....

The number itself belongs to a :Call Me Babe Payforit service
Their contact details are:01752485360 or help@txtnation.com

Hope you get this sorted.

This service is provided by TxtNation and managed by mGage.

Any queries (including questions about billing or charging) should be directed to the contact details

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My friend had the same problem. You have to reply STOP to the text but she did get the money back via her network provider but it was a battle and time consuming. She didn't subscribe to anything either apparently if you don't reply STOP to the text that counts as subscripting.

Can we have this in English?

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Not just a "deal perv" I see lol
Had this same issue from mgage a while back for a gaming service I never even heard of.
Contact service provider and ask them to put a stop to 3rd party subscriptions to stop future charges.
On your bill there should be a code for the charge or can get it from service provider along with phone number of company making the charge.
When I called I was told company was only facilitating this charge but gave me the number for the actual company.
phone this last number tell them you never subscribed and this was done without your knowledge and if they don't offer a full refund ask for it.
Took a while for the monies to come back into my account but did happen.
on three log into account on your phone and change the settings that allow you to spend/call numbers that will increase your bill to start with. Then contact three as theynwill know what it is and then you can cancell the porn site fee

Quite a common problem by all … Quite a common problem by all accounts:http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4388061

Haha that post is by some lad on behalf of his mom....! I bet she had some explaining to do!
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Thanks for your help, and i know no one will believe this however it is....NOT PORN RELATED!

i will call Three mobile now to stop it, i will also reply Stop to the texts and hopefully avoid any further charges.

Plenty of free porn on the net, what inticed you to pay?
My elderly parents had this on their phone bill and it turned out to be a competition. Apparantly mum had clicked from a banner that popped up on the computer telling her about a competition at Tesco and she had won and to enter her phone number and unbeknown to her she had subscribed to weekly competitions. They were able to say exactly what time and date it had happened but as mum had been on Tesco website the same day she just thought it was linked and didn't realise it was a scam. Over £30 before we realised....

Plenty of free porn on the net, what inticed you to pay?

I had this on Three too. Again not porn related but I had clicked on a page and subscribed when I missed the X to close the page (should be a law against them using the whole page as a subscription button).
I rang Three who phoned these people and let me talk to then to demand repayment (Three wanted to listen to the conversation -I imagine they get a lot of complaints about this). I got a cheque three weeks later. Then go to your settings and select the option to restrict payments outside your bill.
I had a simular issue. I started getting messages and saying I was going to be charged, at first I ignored them thinking nothing of it until my next bill came through and I had been charged. So I sent the 'STOP' message back to stop the subscription. Googled the company and gave them a call, they was helpful and sent out a cheque to me to reimburse me for the charges.

I was told that anyone can sign you up if they had your mobile number which I thought was berserk, because I advertise items online with my mobile number available to the public I assumed it was someone having a laugh or didn't like a response I had made - I sell items online quite often and have experienced some very strange texts over the years.

My operator (Virgin) would not help whatsoever and I had not visited any untoward site.

EDIT: To add, Virgin told me there was no way to stop this and were very unhelpful. That is the only time I've had a bad experience with them but none the less I was disappointed.
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