help! porting into voda

    is it possible to port a number into voda?

    is there any reason why shops like CoolNewMobile, PhoneBoxDirect and Mobile Outlet not able to port into voda?

    i have done it with a voda PAYG, where i connected, registered then phoned the CS to give my PAC. they sent me a new sim with the new number on it. works fine.

    but i phoned voda CS recently trying to find out is it possible for contracts. they said yes at the begining, which can be port in at anytime, but later said can only be port in within the initial 30days of connection, than later said it can only port in at connection!

    so am asking if someone has more experience with voda to give some advise. many thanks.

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    Theoretically you can port anytime as long as its from another network (ie 3, orange,O2 ect) and not another voda number.
    Realistically they will only port you over within 30 days and prefer you to give your pac at the time of connection. Sounds like you got someone who was training or just didn't give a hoot.
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