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Ok here's the thing, I am very savvy and can usually tell a scam / dodgy site a mile off. Unfortunately my concentration wasn't so good today. I hesitated before paying as well ( maybe this was a sign) anyway almost immediately I decided to cancel. But it was just a contact us form. Further investigation in other areas showed it suspicious. I also didn't receive a confirmation email. I was straight on to credit card issuer to with hold payment but as it hadn't been authorised yet they couldn't do anything. It's below the section 75 threshold, however CC company checked checked for me and the amount showing to process is a bit more which takes it over the threshold . I've to wait until Monday to call investigations team. What happens next and what's my chances of getting it back? Will credit card company bill me straight away or will they withhold the money pending investigation? Thankyou
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Unless it's one of those sites, obviously
That's very unlike you. I don't know the eaxact answer but I would expect that they will redflag your account and look out to reject the transaction or at least put it on pending investigation.
Can we see the site?
Unless it's one of those sites, obviously
Feels like I'm missing the background here.
Whats the actual transaction
Too many variables in there to give an answer. Nothing at all can be done until the transaction debits as they said. Then it really depends on circumstances. Are they treating it as fraud or did you just change your mind?
Is there even a limit/minimum on what the credit card company can claim back?

American Express have claimed as little as £20 back for me.
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