Help - PSP can't play saved games! (as in I played it once then cannot continue from save point)

Google doesn't help as it only showed me links for people who cannot play games *at all*. My problem is different, and only for a specific game. I have Harvest Moon: Innocent life on memory stick and played that for a few hours. Later I decided to try playing the Sims 2, so I played that. When I wanted to play Harvest Moon again, the screen showed up to the option:

-> Start new life
-> Continue

When I click on continue the screen just went blank , and the PSP offs.

The thing is I don't think it's my PSP's fault - The Sims 2 can still be played from save point - just Harvest Moon.

What happened and how can I fix it?


Original or from the memory stick? (the game)

Original Poster

Memory stick.

I'd imagine that you've got a bad iso with a save game fault.
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