Help: PSP Custom Firmware

    Im looking at putting custom firmware on my PSP, I have a fat PSP running software 3.50 (offical).

    Figure the best way of doing this is by buying a "Pandora Battery" (which Im going to order from Amazon and a Special Memory Stick.

    The key question is how I go about setting up the memory stick and then getting the firmware installed!

    Thanks in advance


    You don't need a spare battery to do it, just one. Once you have used the battery to install the CF you can then change to battery to how it was so it works like normal. I think you need to use a memory stick pro duo though and it has to be between 256MB and 2GB. However you do need a PSP with CF already on it to do this. This is how i did it but i'm on 3.80 and i'm not sure if you can do it this way (on 3.50), but i do know that there are other methods. Just search the net, youtube is a good source.

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    Want to create a spare set incase anything goes wrong in the future.

    My understanding is that the Pandora set will customize any PSP

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