Found 26th Jun 2008
just went to have my hair cut and wanted a do similar to rhiannas...ended up like early gareth gates, gutted isnt the word. have seen a gorge wig on ebay…m14 but having no experince with wigs...will this look natural? or am i best of with extensions??? its very short on top.

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ebay number: 110264631149

It looks pretty good & is a reasonable price so I'd say it's worth the risk. If its no good you can always sell it on. However I do know a good wig costs a lot more than that but if it's only until your own hair grows go for it. Also, are you hairdresser for advice on styling the the cut you've got. It could look good once you get used to it & have had a play around.

post your pics........... need a laugh ;-)



post your pics........... need a laugh ;-)

haha :whistling:

Sorry, but i am LMFAO!!! Hope it grows back soon.

I hope you didnt pay the hairdresser. I hope you complained and got it free. I would of been asking for compensation!!

i have had this happen to me too,infact i wanted a similar style to what u asked for and she just cut it really short at the back and left like to flaps at either side of my head which looked like spaniels ears,

the thing is i just couldnt say anything to the girl i hate being nasty to anyone so i just said it was ok,paid then went home crying.if i was u i would go to a reputable salon and ask them what can be done with it,that is what i did and although it was terribly short at the back they did the best they could to make it look half descent,

hope u are ok,i know how sh1tty it feels to have your hair ballsed up

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it was a family friend, she had her own salon, but then her fella left her just before having thier lil girl so she does it in thier kitchen, but ive been to her before, and shes been fine and MIL and SIL have been going to her for years. i too am too nice so gave her, her £7 said thanks then went home and cried.

i thought wigs were a lot more than that, but its only temp until it grows out and i can do something with. can't do much with it as it is and she grade 6'd it i should have known then really.

and no pics :P
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