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    Any hot-heads out there recognise what chilli type these are - I thought they were habaneros but they look a lot like the ghost chillies I found on one website.…jpg - if anyone knows what the yellow one is, too, that would be a bonus. My friend bought a massive bag full from a market for 2 quid. He made some noodles with a whole red one and couldn't eat it. He brought some for me because he knows I love the hot sauces. I bit a quarter off the end of one and immediately felt it in my nose, at it and it was pretty hot, but I managed it. I then took two more bites and they were like nothing, but there weren't many seeds in the bites. Then I took one more bite that was near the top and where the seed cluster was and boom! It was pretty bad. I then took a big swig of water and it was a huge mistake because instead of just having heat localised to one part of my mouth it was everywhere... and then to top it all off I rubbed my eye and a chilli seed got stuck under my eyelid. I ran a cold shower in my eye until I swilled it out, then my eyes were super red and I looked like Dracula. And of course an hour later I wanted to do it again before we went out to the pub.

    I've eaten raw scotch bonnets on stag do's a few times but I can't remember how it compared to these as it's hard to judge when you're bammed.

    Any help appreciated, cheers.


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    Click this for the website which made me wonder if they were ghost chillies. Notice the little 'udder' on the bottom of the chillies. All the pictures of habaneros I've found don't seem to have that.

    My chillies:

    I've got ghost chillis growing and the red ones do look very similar to those.

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    Thanks everyone - don't know what to pick for the best answer as they're all great.

    I swore I'd eat another one whole when I found out they were nagas. I did it but kind of cheated. I chewed it on one bit of my tongue and swallowed it before the heat kicked in. It did kick in but wasn't anywhere near as bad as if I'd swilled it around. So I sort of wussed it.

    Made nachos with some of the yellow ones. Raw sprinkled over and in chilli and they were good.

    Thanks again, all.
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