help recommending Wireless access point router

    I Have week signal for wireless since switching over broadband to talk talk.

    My speed has improved since I changed over (did online speed test) but the signal is dropping when I go upstairs which never happened with old router and provider.

    Iv been told i should buy the following product, as the router provided by talk talk I am told is rubbish:
    TP-Link TD-W8960N N300 which costs about £30 brand new on ebay
    Has relatively good reviews

    Just wondering if you think its a good one, or maybe any other recommendations I should look at.
    I dont mind spending even more if the extra expense is justified. Please help thanks


    Td link are a good brand developing good hardware for good price. You can consider trying to move the talktalk broadband router to a more central position or adjust the antenna ( unless they are internal). You can also look at increasing your wifi through range extenders that plug into the plug socket. Very good for distributing.…der for £16 at 150mbps or…der for £25.

    Alternative look at powerline on amazon again TPLink for a couple of quid that uses the ring main of the house as a cable. Very clever and more developed now so little/no interference with other connected items.

    Otherwise, a new router would be good but you maybe limited still by the walls/shape of your house. Just to keep your options open :-)

    Otherwise you could go for the ASUS RT brand of routers which are very premium with more of a price tag. Please also be aware of when buying you check that it is compatible with your ISP I.e. Is an ADSL/ADSL2+ modem router and not a cable one. Wouldn't want you to buy the wrong one. Should be able then to get settings for it from talktalk but obviously they won't provide technical support for a 3rd party modem: hence why if your not too techno-savvy you can do range extending or powerline wifi to expand your wifi cloud, :-)

    Original Poster…3nd

    I found that one on ebuyer, but it also says 300mbps - so wireless seems the same speed, Is the 3 antennas the main difference and a boost to signal?
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