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Help redeeming Argentina xbox codes in the UK...

Posted 20th Feb 2022
I've bought Argentina codes before and managed to redeem them without a problem.

But now when I choose Argentina on Tunnnel bear and try to redeem the code I get "This code can't be redeemed. It was purchased in a different region from your account"

can someone explain what's happened from before? This was always working before now?
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  1. jamkhan's avatar
    You probably will need to use a VPN to redeem the codes
  2. deleted2447758's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Do you have your region on the MS store switched to Argentina, as well as Argentina VPN active? (edited)
  3. sm9690's avatar
    I had an issue with pure vpn. I'd verified the IP address was showing in the correct country but it still refused to redeem. Changed to surfshark (free trial) and it worked straight away.
  4. kos1c's avatar
    I always do this with windscribe but in private browser on Firefox as it removes any previous login data. Not had any issues my end on it
  5. mdubs's avatar
    When you're connected via tunnelbear check your IP, last time I was apparently connected to Argentina my ip was showing a US ip.
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