help! reducing/cancelling phone contracts

Hi everyone.

Is there any way of cancelling mobile phone contracts early without paying the line rental up front?? Its just I have been informed that my contract at work expires in 3 weeks time and I have recently moved out of home into my own flat, so money is tight enough as it is!

also any other money saving ideas would be great


why not get a contract with a phone people want say teh htc hero/tattoo which is what Im after at the mo then sell the phone and just get your self a cheapo phone to use the contract!

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because then im stuck with a 2nd contract! and be paying even more for a short term fix

was in similar sit, i asked them to put me on PAYE, dont know if i was just lucky, but they did it, you can ony try, just explain, u not going to have the money to pay

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ok i'll try that, just really didnt need to lose my job right now!


ah when reading i thought you meant your mobile contract was up in three weeks!
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