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    The Brake Knob on my spin bike, purchased from Argos, has worn badly, so need a replacement. After phoning the Customer Support line, they said they have the spare part available, but it is only available for Warranty Claims, and it cannot be bought seperately.

    Searching Google and Ebay bring nothing up, so can I pursue the Argos thing further? If I hassle them, how likely are they to allow me to buy one seperately?

    One a more general point, can anyone point me in the way of any good websites that sell Spin Bike spares? Cheers.


    Pop in to a local bike shop. A small business will be happy to help.

    Google Knob, then go to shopping.

    Should help.

    Failing that, ask them for a part number so you can look elsewhere.

    What's the model of the bike?

    Original Poster

    Elevation Fitness Aerobic Exercise Bike. The guy on the phone gave me the model number as well, which is JX-7038W, which (when googling) brings up nothing but american sellers.…htm
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