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I'm currently having problems install a game... i'll give you a rundown of the situation, if anyone could help me I would appreciate it.

I'm trying to install Football Manager 2010 on a netbook which is Ubuntu Netbook Remix installed on it.

I've installed wininet, directx9, vbrun, cvrum, allfonts etc... through winetricks.

When I run the setup.exe I get the installation menu up and click to install offline (without steam) and click no to running the game when its installed and no to installing directx as i've already done this previous. click next and then install and it starts to install and then asks me to "insert media" and asks me to find fm09 to uninstall it. If I click cancel it cancels the installation for fm10.

Anyone know how to fix this problem? Would appreciate any help...




get a cracked version :whistling:

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Lol it is a cracked version, but it won't install properly on ubuntu as the game is meant for Windows


Ahhhh u beat me to it posting it. lol.

might be some useful info in this thread:…870

I personally wouldn't bother trying to get something as complicated as a game with Wine. Easy solution is install XP and dual boot it with Ubuntu.

p.s. I don't know if your netbook would even be able to run FM on Windows. Looking at the system requirements it would be cutting it fine:…tml

The onboard graphics on my AAO is 8MB - not nearly enough to run and kind of new game. I don't know how much memory is required for the "2D mode" which the link above mentions, but its still probably too much for the AAO...

i tried installing it on my netbook too mate. Installation just hung there. had to face facts that it just doesnt cut the mustard playing games.

might go back to the good old days and get FM94 or something lol.

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After install some more winetrick medias I now get an error message saying setup cannot run on your system?

What does this mean!
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