help regarding grandparents history

    Hi all,

    Wondering if someone can help.

    My grandad told me when I was growing up that he was in the RAF but I don't know what his role was and since there's no way of me knowing through family members as grandparents have passed away etc I'd love to be able to find out somehow what he did.

    Does anyone know a way of finding out job history?

    I know you can use the likes of ancestry but this will just tell you things like where they were born / where they lived etc afaik.

    Is there some RAF records site or something? Massive long shot I know but I'd love to know.



    A birth certificate will also state the parents job, so look at your parents birth certificate to show your grandads job at the time.If he was in the RAF at their time of birth it might give his position at that time and RAF camp he worked at for more leads.

    There is also Forces Reunited, has a search facility, might be worth a look.
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    I have used the following for RAF service details of a now deceased relative - it cost £30. I found this to be a very good service, getting acknowledgment of my request fairly quickly which stated there was a lengthy lead time but I then received the requested information quickly:

    See: Request records of deceased service personnel

    Write to:
    RAF Disclosures Room 14
    Trenchard Hall
    RAF Cranwell
    NG34 8HB

    Also see: Request for Information from Service Records

    Scroll down the page and you will see that a couple of forms are required to be filled in. These are available as *.pdf or MS Word documents.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your search.

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    My dad was in the RAF and is listed on my birth certificate as Senior Aircraft Man (he used to fix the planes as opposed to fly them I believe (never met him so don't know).
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    as rhinopaul said, also stated on your parents' marriage certificate, the profession of their respective father.

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    Thanks for the answers guys, really helpful
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