Help regarding ordering the new xbox from littlewoods

    Hi i orderd a new xbox 360 slim for littlewoods last week and the arrival time has changed twice, the estimated delivery time now says -22/7/10 but yet it now says order dispatched, not sure what to think as i have never ordered a console from littlewoods before........

    would there be a chance i get it tomorrow?



    Why not call them?


    Why not call them?

    dont be silly, thats too easy

    think consoles and games come from another supplier ,they come direct from manufactures sometimes, your order has been despatched so should be 3 or 4 days

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    Thanks, i called them up and they cant give me any more info



    Thanks, i called them up and they cant give me any more info

    then reply with "well if you can't tell me when i'll be receiving the item i'm paying for, cancel my order now"

    littlewoods are probably charging way over the rrp anyway, unless you have to use buy now pay later i really wouldn't bother with them
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