help remembering old computer game

bit of a vague one this,but used to play a game in the 1980's on the computer at school.cant think what it was called(maybe something like grannys garden??)
anyway.... there was a wizard,and you had to respond to the questions eg do you want to help,press y or n,then you could direct the person by pressing l or r.
it was a quest/adventure game.any ideas anyone ???
just wondering if i can track it down,so the kids can see how basic my life was .lol.


Granny's Garden. What a blast from the past. Remember playing this on BBC micros in Primary School

FP you beat me to it!!

Until about 2 yrs ago we still had this programme installed on the old BBC computers at school.

Original Poster

thanks,thought i was going mad,couldnt find it
£14.99 tho
its looks worse than i

i remember this used to think it was great

This might be the right place to ask - does anyone know where I can get the old PC game Spin Doctor from? was one of the best games from my childhood and really want to relive it, seen some imitators but not the real deal!


is this … is this it?

YES YES YES! How on earth did you find it so fast? Been searching for eons.
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