Help removing Kaspersky from XP


    A friend of mine has had Kaspersky Anti-virus on her PC for a year now, and last week subscribed for another year. This caused her computer to go mad and she was unable to get it to boot up.

    I have been round and had a play with it, got it working again (via system restore), but she re-did her subscription again and surprise, surprise, it crashed again.

    Yesterday i went over, did system restore again and got it running, but want to take Kaspersky off and put AVG on instead. Unfortunately I have come across a problem.

    I cannot remove/uninstall Kaspersky using Control Panel / Remove Programme. Is there another way to do this successfully? Not even the Uninstall option in the Start Menu works?

    Anybody got any (good and usefull) ideas?



    There is a remove option if you go start,programs and then kaspersky.... Well there is on mine...

    I see you've tried that.... Sorry


    dont buy Kaspersky?

    If you don't get it sorted out by the weekend drop me a pm and i'll ask some of the guys at work

    Try downloading and installing crapcleaner (ccleaner) ]directlink
    That is good at uninstalling unwanted software and cleaning the registry too.

    Here is a removal tool from Kaperskys (it is a known problem apparently)…380

    Previous poster beat me to it!

    you will need to delete the Kaspersky registry info also,


    Original Poster

    sorted now, thanks and rep to all

    I'm using kaspersky 7 on four computers without any performance issues, the only glitch ive had was when it quarantined roboform classing it as an hidden data sender which was easily sorted. Its not a security package for set it and forget it types though as there are many options that can be tuned by the user.
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