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Posted 26th Nov
My housemate has left several toiletry cans / a wicker basket in our bathroom and its left marks as photographed, anyone recommend a decent cleaning product to help get rid?3343796.jpg

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Fire! Lots of it.
What are the surfaces?

It looks like "Lino" floor and a laminate worktop shelf? Any surfectant cleaner would probably do a fairly good job. A cream cleaner will have a granular "scrubbing" action so good too. Not sure it'll get rid of the rust 'stain' though.

In all seriousness, have you not just tried washing it? At least you'll know how "bad" the mark is. I don't think you can make it much worse...
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Would help if folk knew both of the materials the rust is on!? #TheBasics

for actual tiles:…tml

But, if it is lino I think it's likely too far gone, you could try some bleachy water down there & take it from there.
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If its tiles, just use fine sandpaper and go very gently
A magic sponge might do it.
i find with these sort of stain you need to use cif cream and lots of elbow grease. it will come out eventually after a lot of scrubbing using the cream and a scouring pad.
Barkeepers Friend removes rust stains. The Range sell it at a decent price.
I had this problem a few months ago. Found that dampening the area then rub in some Baking soda, leave a few mins, spray some white vinegar over it and it starts to fizz, leave another few minutes and scrub it. May take a few attempts but it does work.
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Or this stuff is supposed to be pretty good at shifting stuff like that.…347
WD 40
WD40 and a stainless steel scourer.
White vinegar is a good all round cleaner and stain remover, dirt cheap too, I have used it to get rust stains from a white t-shirt with success.
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