Help replacing a wing mirror Fiesta Mark V?

Posted 23rd Apr 2012
So I need a replacement wing mirror for my Ford Fiesta Mark V. I've called my nearest ford dealership who quoted £150 for the part and fitting, which sounds crazy as it's not electric and just plain black plastic. I have found an appropriate one for £40 online. Has anyone fitted there own before and will it be relatively simple? I'm assuming I remove the little plastic triangle on the inside of the car nearest the wing mirror, unscrew the bolts, attach the new mirror and screw the bolts back...? Any guidance or advice would be appreciated.
Many Thanks!
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I buy my car parts off Ebay or

and it is relatively simple to change I changed my 4x4 electric mirrors and that was simple.

you could also try and type How to change wing mirror for your make of car i do it when i need to unscrew phones and other stuff.
What year is the car?

Theres a bit of a rift between Mark 5 & 6

Try Google also can be very helpful most of the time
They are usually very easy to fit, In fact I bet my Granny could fit one.
Have you any local car scrap yards near by? You may be able to find what you're looking for there and pick it up cheap.
yea I google before asking here, but any answers i find are pretty vague. It's an 07 reg 1.2 STYLE, im confused between mark 5 and 6, there seems to be so many contradictions on the internet about it.

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Go to a scrap yard mate, will cost you £5-15 for a manual mirror.

Simply remove cover inside
Remove bolts (usually 3 x bolts @ 10mm)
Remove mirror
Re-fit is opposite of removal
I changed my wing mirrors after a ding. They were colour coded so i just put 2 black ones on. Cost 25 quid for the pair and took about 15 mins, and they were electric so yours should be cheaper! they were from Ebay.
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You need to pop the adjuster out of the inner plastic cover.

Remove the rubber cap from the adjuster and have a look at how the adjuster fits in, you usually need to push bits of plastic in to release it or twist it one way or another.

Once it is released from the plastic bit, just feed it through the door and throw it at a neighbour. (Optional)
You may have more luck looking for a door mirror, cars have not had wing mirrors for donkey years.
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